Customizing A $10,000,000 House

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I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! We also helped a lot of people with rent because this is a video about a house. Thank you for all the support! Love you all!

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      I Don't need some Things i have everything what i need

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    Parang ang saya makisama sa ginagawa nila

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    so lucky for a candy pit :( I NEED THE HOUSEEEEEEEEEE only jk i love your so much can we just give a round of 👏👏👏 of how much he tries and does i love you so much Michelle and zack your so lucky to have him as your boyfriend xxxxxxx

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    so kul

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    Hi Zhc Im from philippines i need help financial for my labor , yes im preggy. I watch ur videos since im not preggy until now. I love ur videos.

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    All those paintings are sick

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    can you make a video with bts

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    i love your video's

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    Next Video: Customizing a 7billion people

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    Hahaha Michelle is craving candy a lot and two people dumb a hole box of candy

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    i like ur drawings

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    I injoyed it so much and you are so talented I love all your videos

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    Emagin waking up at night and seeing that dragon

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    Can you send me 4 Nintendo switch to my house please please

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    music in the beginning of the video ?

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    dat must be hart

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    And Michelle and Zach is good couple

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    How rich is this boy

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    U can buy it on my own but I am your fan so ok like number 1 fan

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    Wait what

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    Next day: Customising x100 cars!

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    After 10 years he will customize the whole ENTIRE FREAKING EARTH

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    He had paint my house

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    Are you the richest man alive and more rich then the president

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    Wow, this is super lit!!!

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    I already did every thing can I have 2 customized phones pls I never got a shout out pls

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    plz be me

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    How much money do you have now

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    I a-door your videos (please tell me you understand)

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    Imagine working for zhc and when you get in a competition you find a picture on Google and showed it to zach

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    ZHC in 80 be like i destroyed the earth and surprised the people with a new customized one

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    10mil dollar house i wish i had that much money :(

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    i miss leo

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    How to turn a 10 Million dollar house into a 20 Million Dollar house

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