I Spent 100 Hours Customizing The World's Largest PS5 ($70,000)

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This was absolutely insane
I can't believe we spent 100 hours customizing the world's largest Playstation 5 and gave PS5's away to subscribers lol
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This PS5 is 10 feet tall (3 meters) weighs 500 pounds (227 kilograms) and cost me $70,000 in total! This playstation 5 is insane! We spent over 4 months putting together this video for you!
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    This has been confirmed as the world’s largest fully functioning PS5 + Controller (not a prop) If we hit 1,000,000 likes I'll give away 100 PS5's to my subscribers and people in need! no joke Subscribe and you might be picked to be in my next video! It's free and it would genuinely make me super happy if you subscribed! 🥺 If you're already subscribed, I love you! ❤️

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