I Surprised Charli D'Amelio & LilHuddy With 10 Custom Louis Vuitton Bags!! 💼🎒 ft. Addison Rae

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      I need one plss

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      Your the best i hope you become the most popular youtuber. I hope get one im not trying beg I know it is kinda mean

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    5:35 the mark rober music

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    hi iam a big fan

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    Infinite satisfying sound

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    Michelle is so cute 💓

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    Who else is watching this 8n 2021?

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    Ded is supur dorbo

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    Zack in one year: Hey guys I have nice here and we are going to be customizing them!

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    Michael: it’s mine :) Zack: give it back! Michael: ok :(

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    lilhaddy is my frarit clos

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    Charli didn’t even say thank you, she’s so disrespectful and tbh she doesn’t deserve the fame!

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    Bro get good at drawing get Addison tae

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    Addison: how do I open this I’m not rich Also Addison at the time: has 50mil on Tiktok

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    I would freak out if I win a big amount of money if He Actually choose me I've been subscribers For over 3 years. It will be a big help to my family and I can pay my parents dept my luck is terrible.congrats who ever win And congratulations to 20.1million subscribers 🎉 keep safe

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    Addison:I’m not rich Me:what about ur house what’s about ur car what about your LUCKKKKK LIKEEEEE EEEE

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    it's fantastic awwwwwwwwww ik love youuuuuuu

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    I’m so not rich I’ve never even seen these items 😂

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    I are nearly all of them some sort of monster

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    ZHC 5 years later: surprise NASA whit a custument rocker

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    Hi are you guys in. New Zealand

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    u don't customize them bro...u just make them look fake

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    Addison:I’m not rich,idk how to open this........one year later:SUPRISE SHAWTAYYY💰💰💰💰💰💰

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    Are you asian

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    When your call is froze but not tik tok 7:50

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    Michelle just wanted a handbag...

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    anyone else noticed what the hype house pillows said hahaha

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    You guys should do an asmr video with all the satisfying sounds :)

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    where did u see draw like that

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    I Showed my mother......she was so empresses ZHC.....wonderful job 🤗

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    Jow are h not a artis working in a art museum

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    Chase is so flipping cute Pls don’t judge me

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