I Surprised Zach King With A $70,000 Custom Sprinter Van

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i can't believe we surprised Zach King with a custom van
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We customized a car and lived in it for 24 hours with Zach King
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    Subscribe and you might get a car too lol. I'm not joking Get my youtooz collectible toy: youtooz.com/products/zhc all the money I get from it will be put back into the video so I can do more nice things for others and give more away to my subscribers!

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      Wait? Seriously!? Oh my gosh! Yassssssss!!!!

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      Your vedios just awesome

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      Can I have something customised please because I'm having a crazy week and moved house 2 days ago but I don't live in America I live in Wales. thank you

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      @LankyBox Legends omg I love your chanle

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